“Straight On Till Morning” is the collision of a romance and a gritty, suspenseful thriller.  It’s about taking the risk to live life to the fullest, and the noble and terrible things people do for love.

While on a spontaneous cross country road trip, the budding romance between two women is sideswiped when they are kidnapped by a God-fearing couple seeking a bride for their deformed, murderous son.  

“Straight On Till Morning” embraces the romance of “True Romance”, the steaminess of “Bound”, the suspense of “High Tension” and “Hostel”, the psychological horror of “Misery” and the unrelenting terror of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. It was a semi-finalist in the Screamfest Screenplay contest.

This is a Love Story...


When her band mates throw in the rock’n’roll towel in favor of the simple life of domestication, small-town lesbian musician DANI DUPREE leaves Maine and heads for Los Angeles with just her guitar and a few bare essentials chasing her dream to be a rock star.

Stopping for a late-night coffee in Podunk, Indiana, Dani finds herself helplessly attracted to the cashier, KAITLIN SANBOURNE. High on spontaneity and life, Dani invites Kaitlin to join her straight on till morning adventure to California. Wanting to escape her soul crushing small town existence, Kaitlin remarkably accepts and off they go!

What follows is the ultimate carefree road romance full of sexual tension as the two women dance around their attraction. For Kaitlin, this is new ground; she has never been with a woman before. And Dani has never truly fallen in love...

But the good times skid to halt when their car is sabotaged at a rainy rest area in the middle of the night and they are lead to the home of the God-fearing Robinsons: RUBIN, LILLY and their horrifying, disfigured son VIRGIL.

Despite his shortcomings, Lilly and Rubin do all they can to give Virgil a normal life.  They love him so much - he deserves to be happy. He deserves to be loved. He deserves a bride. Unfortunately, Virgil has killed every wife he has ever had. And this time, he has chosen Kaitlin…

Fighting for their own survival and that of each other, Dani and Kaitlin come face to face with their innermost fears of intimacy, abandonment and failure. Will they escape the deranged family and live happily ever after? Or will death do them part?


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